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Wags Doggy Day Care & School of Excellence Values

Achievement is highly valued at Wags and we believe learning should develop all of our dogs skill sets.

A Wags education should initiate a life-long love of learning and development. We achieve this through our stimulating surroundings and our professionally designed programme of activities.

We encourage them to develop abilities such as social interaction, imagination, observation, exploration and investigation, and above all to enjoy learning!

It's an approach that has made us one of the most respected and unique independent dog schools in the UK.

Our website aims to give you a small insight into your dogs school life here and a glimpse of what we have to offer. Only by visiting us, will you experience the true atmosphere created by the staff and dogs themselves.

In these ever changing times of Social responsibility we at Wags are aware that as the leading force in Dog care we too are responsible. We aim to help guide the legislative bodies to create any new laws for Dogs and their Owners, which is inevitable in the next few years.

The Wags Team would be delighted to show you around the centre to witness how much our dogs enjoy learning.

We look forward to meeting you.

Colin Owen