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Dog Day Care

The Day Care arena consists of four separate classrooms, each containing a group of dogs where different activities are carried out. Each group is rotated periodically to ensure that the doggies receive an equal amount of time in each classroom. Our classroom activities include: free play, scent work, relaxing bubble time, one-on-one and group training, plus much more. Measuring at 6,200 square feet, the arena gives plenty of room for the Wags Team to carry out physical, mental and emotional work with our furry friends.

The arena has been designed by our experts to give the doggies endless amounts of fun and also to teach good behaviour through positive reinforcement. There is a similar sized outdoor area where the doggies can play and frolic, weather permitting. The salon that we have at Wags ensures that we can send our doggies home fresh and clean.

Health spa doggy salon

Our bespoke grooming services give our clients the ability to discuss their exact requirements with our staff over a cup of coffee.

The advantages of using our doggy salon is that s/he can play before the pampering session and afterwards enjoy a stress free relaxing experience whilst awaiting collection. On collection the doggy will not only be looking and smelling fabulous but have a wagging tail after a fun-filled day and VIP treatment in our spa.

Doggy Massage

We provide your dog with....An initial physical analysis by a qualified expert designed to identify areas of: physical weakness, irritation or discomfort and emotional tension - which can be alleviated/aided through massage. Through massage we can help your Dog to:
· Relax and de-stress
· Enjoy relief from muscle and joint pain or discomfort
· Help with any anxiety issues they may suffer from
· It helps them become familiar with touch which improves their ability to trust - useful for grooming and vet handling which your Dog may encounter in future.
· Improves coat condition through the stimulation of natural oils
· Enhances circulation leading to improved overall health

Dog Nutritionist

At Wags we have access to a qualified Dog Nutritionist who can:
· Advise you and answer any questions on general nutritional needs
· Create tailored nutritional programmes to suit individual Dogs
· Identify and help resolve any behavioural problems which may have resulted from nutritional issues
· Identify and help resolve any medical related problems that have arisen from poor nutrition

Dog Behaviourist

Here at Wags, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things doggy! Therefore our Wags Team are trained in dog behaviour, body language and canine care and are continually enchancing their knowledge in this field. The Wags Team help, train and teach our furry friends through positive renforcement methods which ensure a rewarding experience for the doggies.

The Wags Team are also more than happy to answer any customer questions as well as offering advice based on their observations in the centre. The Team are regularly trained by one of the UK’s leading Dog behaviourists, who also consults for us on all matters, including directly with our customers.

Our behaviourist advises on general behavioural issues as well as specific issues through individual consultation sessions that can be arranged via our reception or our website.

Doggy Motel

At the Doggy Motel we assign a member of the Wags team, based on your Dog's needs, to take your Dog home with them. As your Dog will already have a bond with our team member, they will settle in to life at their home easily and enjoy expert one to one care while you are on holiday. Your Dog will still be able to enjoy Day Care while you are away and get the mental, physical and emotional stimulation they deserve.

Their evenings will be spent enjoying cuddles, going on a walk and having a lovely night's sleep after their fun-filled day. This means you can be sure that your Dog is with someone they know and trust and is in a happy, safe and clean environment. Your Dog will have their very own holiday!