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Mother Hubbard's Food For Life - Our Story

Our in-house nutritionist who we now refer to as "Mother Hubbard" recommended home cooking for our dogs for the best ingredients, nutrition and well being. After a brainwave and some detailed research we worked out how to turn this concept into convenient Hypo-Allergenic Premium dry food - Mother Hubbards.

Mother Hubbards hypo-allergenic super premium dog food specialising in Gluten Free organic dog food products. Mother Hubbard's are committed to providing the highest possible nutritional standard, naturally in order to ensure the well-being and optimum health of your dog. We believe that quality of diet is directly linked to the quality and length of your dog's life.

Mother Hubbard's are committed to providing the finest organic ingredients free of animal by-products, toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients.

The natural ingredients in our organic dog food will help maximize your dog's life expectancy and ensure that your pet will lead a long, healthy and happy life.

Our food comes in 4 flavours so we are sure we will have one (or all four) that your dog will love. Salmon & Potato, Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice, Duck & Potato. Mother Hubbards also supply a specially designed "Puppy Food". See our online shop for full nutritional values.

Let your dog be the judge! x