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Wags Doggy Day Care & School of Excellence
- The Wags Team

We are extremely proud of our outfit "The Wags Team" as it is extremely well balanced in skill, talent, age and experience.

Our employees have been carefully selected to provide the right balance that all our "Woofers"are not all only well cared for but they are also given lots of love and loads of fun whilst in our care.

The services we provide in School of excellence are what set us apart from the rest. Our school of excellence require these people to provide those services,

I would like to introduce you to some of what is undoubtedly the most talented group of people in the canine world.

Steven Curry

Since Steven has joined our team he has made himself a central figure in our outfit with his relentless reliability and seemingly effortless manner.

He is relied upon by the dogs and staff for his stability. One of Stevens main tasks is to insure our site is totally secure and fully functional at all times.

Angie Walton

Angie has taken the role of "mummy" figure here at Wags and she is a particular favourite with the dogs. One of Angie's passions is rescue dogs, and her travels have taken her to various foreign parts in trying to help animals in distress.

Angie provides consistency with all the hygiene systems at Wags and makes sure all our furry friends go home smelling beautifully fresh.

Chantelle Jones

Chantelle (Aunty Chanters as known to the dogs) is loved by all four legged and two legged at Wags. Her natural warmth and personality is unparalleled as she approaches all aspects of Wags tasks in her usual efficient manner.

Chantelle's ability to communicate with the dogs is uncanny and her value to Wags is immeasurable.

Terri Maloney

Terri is very experienced with animals as she is a proud owner of horses which keep her busy when she is not at Wags. Terri is one of our most popular Aunty's for the Wags Motel service as all the dogs that have stayed with her have given a five star rating!


Alex has become a highly valued member of staff and has all the potential to become a Wags employee for many years to come.
His reliability and steadfastness are remarkable for a person of his age. His connection with our furry friends is outstanding.


Becky has worked with our doggy friends for 5years at one of our competitors which we rate very highly and it took a lot of persuading to finally get Becks at Wags. We achieved this a year ago and she is now making a brilliant addition to our team. She has a natural aptitude with our furries and is well qualified.


Chelsey came to us at Wags with a determination to succeed that we have rarely experienced.
Contrary to her age, her ability with dogs is phenomenal and she is already well qualified in the canine world. Her ambition to become a vet will be supported by Wags to the hilt.